Generation of RomagnaGeneration of Romagna

Producing wine in Emilia-Romagna is a centenarian craft that needs love and dedication.

For over 70 years, wines by CANTINA BRASCHI 1949 tell a story of this passion that feeds on patient care of its own vineyards.
Bertinoro Vineyards, Monte Sasso Vineyard in Mercato Saraceno and Campo Mamante Vineyard in Cesena situated on harmonious hills from which your view can get the Adriatic sea.

Due to its constant work, CANTINA BRASCHI 1949 has obtained international wine awards; a tradition that still goes on.

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CANTINA BRASCHI 1949 is now run by Davide Castagnoli e Vincenzo Vernocchi which, thanks to their meticulous and tireless work in the vineyards and into the cellar, are able to satisfy the most exigent markets producing elegant and modern cru-wines. They do that maintaining a deep respect for the genuine and handmade way to make wine, typical of Romagna.